The Meaning of Succulents

A popular question I’ve been getting lately is “Emma, why did you choose to get so involved in the succulent business?” Believe it or not, before I moved to Vegas, I had no interest in succulents at all. Yes, I thought they were cute but did not have a passion and love for them like I do now. 

Four years ago, my best friend, Hannah, and I decided to pack our bags and move out to Vegas. Once we arrived, we noticed that succulents were a very popular gift to receive. In a matter of six months, we had tons of gifted succulents all over our desert themed apartment. Luckily, Hannah’s sister happens to be a succulent expert in Connecticut, and we found ourselves constantly calling her asking how to take care of our plants and propagate them. When the pandemic hit, we went crazy trying to master succulent care with our insane amount of free time. 

Taking care of these little plants brought me so much joy, happiness and relaxation during a very crazy time in the world. As I was learning how to propagate, replant and properly care for my succulents from Hannah’s sister, I was also taking a course in my MBA program called ‘Fostering Creative Thinking’.  As a current performer in the circus, I truly thought I would not learn much in this course. I went into this course thinking I was already a creative/outside of the box thinker. Well, I was completely wrong. This class was incredible. I learned how to take these creative ideas and apply them to solve problems. Then turn those ideas into businesses. This course had me thinking constantly about unique ideas for businesses.

Soon enough, my idea for a mobile succulent business was born. When I proposed the idea to Hannah, she immediately loved it and she came up with the name right off the bat. Once Hannah yelled out “The Succ Truck!”, I told her I had to do this. The name was brilliant and the idea was perfect. 

I began to do a lot of research on succulents. I knew a lot about their health and growth, but I knew I was still missing something important. It wasn’t until my friend Melanie called me one day and asked, “Hey Emma, do you know the meaning of succulents?” I answered back saying that I didn’t know that these little plants could have a meaning behind them. She responded saying that if you google the meaning of succulents, you will find many articles stating how they represent strength, resilience, friendship, timelessness, love and endurance. 

I thought the meaning was beautiful. These plants are the most resilient plants I have ever seen. They survive extreme weather conditions and drought, while staying gorgeous and glowing with vitality. I thought that these qualities went hand-in-hand with how my business began. I started this company in crazy circumstances. There was so much unknown happening with the pandemic. 

Succulents have an amazing ability to adapt and fight through change. I think this is a beautiful reminder that we too can adapt and fight through tough times. Sometimes change is for the best and beautiful new beginnings can start. I love succulents because they are a simple reminder to keep growing through life. These little plants have taught me so much and I want to share this with the community! Until next time… SUCC YEA!

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